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Sundowns winning a league in an Empty Stadium. This has to change.

Football Marketing is like everything else in life. There is the right way and the wrong way to do things and Michael Jordan sums it up correctly below.

It comes down to a very simple saying: there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. You can practice shooting eight hours a day, but if your technique is wrong, then all you become is very good at shooting the wrong way.

Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do will rise.
Michael Jordan


It is impossible to solve a problem without diagnosing it correctly. You have to ask yourself very pertinent questions if you are to solve the problem of bad football marketing and by extension empty stadiums.

Why are stadiums empty? Why do fans keep away from a stadium but spend even more money in say bars and restaurants while watching the same match on TV? Is it possible to fill that stadium all the time through the season? How do fans think? What should come first, playing good football or filling the stadium? Is bad football and an empty stadium related? Why do some teams that play very god football play before empty stadiums and opposite is also true?

What is the real competition to football for the fans purse?

If you do not understand human behaviour and thinking, then whatever you do your stadium will remain empty. gives you an opportunity to change your thinking and change the way you attract and keep your fans as revving fans. The result will be full a stadium all the time. Your team will never play before an empty stadium ever again. Getting the business of fans right is the corner stone of getting the art of football economy correct.

But are football fans that important to the game?

Why should you waste your time, energy and resources on fans? Are fans all that important to the game of football?

Making a Case for Proper Football Marketing

1. Football fans are the corner stone of the game. Fans create the atmosphere and spectacle at the game. The match on the field of play may be electric, but if it is played in an empty stadium it will be a dull spectacle.

2. Fans are the twelfth man on the pitch. Clubs such as Liverpool, Manchester United (England) and Al Ahly (Egypt) are almost unbeatable at their home ground, because of the intimidating factor of their fans. With an empty stadium all your home games are and will forever be, away matches. You will never have home advantage! Your team is disadvantaged before the first whistle. Isn’t that very sad?

3. With a full stadium, you have an assured sustainable source of resources to run the club. Fans pay to watch the game. Revving fans buy club merchandise, your team’s tills ring, you are able to financially sustain the club.

4. Revving fans and a full stadium attracts the media. The media depends on adverts and these adverts are sold to sponsors while broadcasting popular games as defined by the fans. The media (radio and TV), pay top dollar for this opportunity. The game as a whole benefits from this patronage. Your tills ring.

5. A full stadium is your face to the business world, it attracts sponsors. They fall onto each other to partake in this spectacle. They want to attract your fans. They pay heavily for this relationship. You tills ring. You have resources to run the club.

6. A successful fan policy gives you the resources and clout to attract the best players, management and the top dollar. This is what the English Premier League has got right. The fruits are there for all of us to see.

This short analysis shows you that football economy revolves around fans. The only sustainable way to run a club is to get your fan marketing correct and it is at the core of footballmarketing. The best way to convey that you have got your fan business correct and you have a huge following is to have a full stadium through out the season regardless who your team is playing. This portrays that your team has a large visible following and this will attract all successes alluded to earlier.

Poor Fan Marketing and thereby bad Football Marketing

Look at the opposite scenario. A team plays most of its games before sparsely populated stadiums. In actual fact people in the stadiums are either tourists or relatives of the players and officials. Which business or media house would in its true senses like to throw its lot with such a team? Where would be the benefit for them? For that very reason most teams globally go without a sponsor and have no media coverage. Millions are left on the table. There is a vicious circle of loss to the game as a whole. Such a team is incapable of merchandising. Such a team is incapable of attracting the best players possible, unless there is a well endowed benefactor.

On this site you will learn:

  1. All you need to know about attracting fans.
  2. Who your true competition is for fans.
  3. How to create revving fans.
  4. Attract disengaged and new fans.
  5. Get them actively engaged in the game.
  6. How to create a spectacle at games that acts as a beacon to attract more fans.
  7. How to offer great mileage to sponsors and get the most out of them as well.
  8. How attract and retain minorities in the community, plus women and children into the game of football.
  9. Apply technology correctly and effectively to support your fan policy.
  10. How to attract a full house through out the season.
  11. A successful, sustainable fan and football economy.
  12. Most of all, how to use these ideas successfully.


Football fans are loyal but, they have different levels of loyalty to their club. The less loyal (who are the majority) hardly ever transfer this loyalty to another club, but do not utilize it positively to their own club as well. Because of this, if you do not do the correct things to rev up fan loyalty for your club, you lose and the game as a whole loses! Think about how much money the game is losing to beer, cell phones etcetera!

Do the English love football more than the rest of the football loving world? This is highly debatable. What they have done is to get the fan relationships right and have therefore created greater demand than supply for tickets. The success from this is there for all of us to see. The top dollar is falling over each other to partake in this pie. Their success is replicable, if you know how.

A renowned conservationist Dr David Attenborough put it succinctly “Anything worth doing has got moments of discomfort or even pain. And the pleasure so grossly outweighs everything else that you don’t even notice.”

So will football marketing be, it will have moments of pain and discomfort but a full stadium through out the season out weighs everything.

Join us on this journey as we change the face of our game and stadiums.


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