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Football Sponsorship Marketing – Mileage beyond the Stadium

The changing face of sponsorship. How to offer a sponsor mileage beyond the stadium.

It was recently reported in ‘The Times’ of London, how a Scottish bank went on a sponsorship binge despite the fact that it was being bailed out by British tax payers money. There was an out cry! How could a bank on a drip decide to be that ‘wasteful’?

That out cry spelled out the changing face of sponsorship. If a sponsor is to be put to the sword as to why they have gone ahead to support a property, they should be able to put up a spirited argument.

Sponsorship for Nothing in Return has Ended

Properties should know that sponsorship for the sake of helping out is soon becoming a thing of the past. It is now sponsorship in return for tangible measurable mileage.

As a property are you ready for the challenges ahead? What would you offer an organisation in return for sponsorship? Times are hard and every dime must bring back something return. This is the basis for sponsorship today.

Do you have a visible following?

The first pointer that sponsors look for in a football property is proof that you have a visible following. How are your home games? Are they characterised by full or empty stadiums? It is imperative to fill your stadiums consistently. No sponsor in his right mind will put money in a football property that plays home games before an empty stadium. It will not happen.

Can you demonstrate a relationship with your fans?

The sponsors will want to see if you have a relationship with your fans. Can you prove that you can influence these fans? If you asked your fans to do something for the property, would they respond en mass? In South Africa we have a tournament, the ‘Telkom Charity’, competing teams are voted for by their fans. The four teams with most votes take to the field. What is amazing is how football clubs, however supported they look, struggle to get these votes. This is a clear sign that they do not have a relationship with their fans. Prove that you know your fans personally and you can influence them and you will have sponsors falling onto each other to come on board.

Can you offer mileage beyond the stadium?

Fans who come into the stadiums are a captive group. It is usually the same people, the majority of fans stay away. How can you offer sponsors mileage beyond these captive eyes in the stadium? Can you demonstrate to the sponsors how you will reach other fans who do not attend matches?

How do you go beyond the call of duty for a sponsor?

It is very important to go beyond your call of duty as property. Is it possible for you to broker a trading relationship between your sponsors? Supposing you have a computer and car companies as your sponsors can you make them do business together?

The sponsorship game has changed

Times when sponsors came on board because you made representation to them or as social responsibility are becoming things of the past. The economic times are very tough and they call for a revised way to get sponsorship. Prove that your sponsors will get a measurable return on investment and they will come on-board.

This website is built for the benefit of football. The thinking behind it is that if football understands that the currency that runs football is fans then the game will be able to lure untold success. Players will be able to succeed economically right in their home countries.

If you know a club, organisation or any person who would find this work useful please past it on.

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