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Football is Similar to any other business

Football today should be treated like any other business. You have to staff it with the right people on and off the pitch. You must have the right person from the Chief Executive up to the grounds man. If you do not to do that your club is going to suffer replicable damage at worst or you are going to stagnate at best.

When teams fail and do badly on the field of play the management looks at the technical team. They never look at the off the field management, in actual fact themselves. They point a finger at the coaching staff and they do not realize that the other three fingers are actually pointing at them. There are so many things that are controlled by the office that actually affect what goes on, on the field of play. If things go wrong in the office it affects people who are playing.

For example, many teams never ever play any home game through out the season. A home game is one which you play on the home tuff and supported by a partisan full house. Many teams do not have this and therefore do not realize that they are forever playing away games. A home game to many teams is just in name. What this means is that apart from not travelling the team is always at a disadvantage. You can not blame this permanent away games on the coaching staff. It lies squarely on the feet of the office management and marketing team. They are doing a very shabby job when it comes to marketing the team.

Football clubs should have a strong marketing department

For a football team to do well it must have professionals at every level including the marketing department. Filling a stadium does not come through guess work it comes through a clear cut planned marketing effort and well crafted strategies implemented by people who have the knowledge to do it. Marketing football is not done in the traditional sense of the three p ‘s as they used to call them. Football marketing is about creating a relationships with your fans and maintaining it. Football marketing is about communicating to fans. Football marketing has a lot to do with people. A football fan is supposed to fall in love with the team. It is therefore important not to look at people trained to sell goods and traditional services, but a person who can relate to and pull people.

Football Management is at the center of all this to get the right people and also provide them with the tools to succeed. Football marketing is far reaching and sometimes expensive exercise but very profitable at the end of the day. You should have the right management that understands what has to be done to fill the stadiums and create loyal fans and therefore attract the right staff to do this.

A typical example that proves that proper management and by extension proper marketing can lead to outstanding results is the case of Sounders FC in the city of Seattle in the United States. Sounders got a Major League Soccer (MLS) franchise in 2009. They got the right marketing machine on board and went right straight into marketing the club within the Seattle community. Fast forward two years down the line they have an almost complete sell out of their home matches at Qwest Field (an average of 36,000 fans per match) with an enthusiastic fan base. This fan base sings, matches, and waves the club scarves. They have created an atmosphere only comparable to the English Premiership or the Bundesliga. All this has been done within two years. The trick has been, the right people in the right jobs and a close connection with the Seattle fans. Sounders FC is now a club and not a team as defined by Dr. Bill Sutton. Dr Sutton says that: “A team is something that you watch. A club is something that you’re a part of.”

Your team can become a club, you can do it. Get the right management on and off the pitch and success will come on and off the pitch.

This website is built for the benefit of football. The thinking behind it is that if football understands that the currency that runs football is fans then the game will be able to lure untold success. Players will be able to succeed economically right in their home countries.

If you know a club, organisation or any person who would find this work useful please past it on.

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