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How to Maintain Your Football Team’s Fan List – Database.

You will struggle with direct marketing to your real fans if you do not have a database. A database is a list of all your fans and prospective fans and how they have allowed you to communicte with them. Remember that people who are not your fans will never buy your offerings and if they come to the stadium they support the opposition. If they support you it is a calculated move and it is never as a result of your marketing. It is therefore necessary to have your list (database) of your fans and work with on them.

You can segment this list as you wish, but you must have it.

The postman carries as much mail back as he delivers. What is amazing, is how same organisations continue to send mail to the same address even when they receive bundles of it back. What does that tell us about such an organisation? They do not understand the dynamics of society. They do not understand that a list needs maintenance. All they are doing in the meantime is enriching the post.

The following steps could go a long way in keeping your football club’s fan list clean, current, accurate and relevant:

1. A list becomes outdated as soon as it is compiled

True, a list becomes outdated as soon as it is compiled. I have lived in flats before and I witnessed movement hardly seen in other areas. Month end tenants come and others go. But those that have gone generated mail and no sooner had they started receiving it than they moved on. People change jobs and others pass on. All these factors point to a need to continuously maintain your mailing list. If you do not do so they will be a lot of wastage.

2. Incomplete Data

Lists are often characterised by mistakes and incomplete data. Some people for one reason or another can never write information correctly or fully. Check out for this and try to correct it in order to avoid wastage.

3. Duplication

Scan your lists for duplication of fans. It is very irritating to some people and wasteful to your football club to send out the same information to one person several times. Clean the list and get rid of duplicate data.

One way you can sniff out this data is to filter similar names with a bit of variance and check to see whether the address is the same.

4. Segment your list

Your information and marketing will be most relevant and will receive the desired objective if it is sent to only the relevant people. For example you have a football match in Pretoria and you want to market it to your fans directly, it would be most fruitful to only appeal to those who can economically and geographically make it to Pretoria. It would be very wasteful to communicate with an unemployed fan based in Port Elizabeth (1,500km away). This person can not geographically and economically make it for this match, however much he loves the club.

5. Grow your list

It is very critical for your marketing team to use every working moment to grow your club’s fan list. Every unregistered fan that they come across in one way or the other should be registered and communication initiated.

This helps in growing your fan base and the stronger the relationship you grow with these fans the more they act as fan evangelists and recruit new fans for your team.

Success in the business of football is about getting the business of fans right. When this happens all other factors can easily fall into place. To get the business of fans correct, you must know them by name and create a relationship with them. It is therefore imperative to work on your fan lists aggressively.

This website is built for the benefit of football. The thinking behind it is that if football understands that the currency that runs football is fans then the game will be able to lure untold success. Players will be able to succeed economically right in their home countries.

If you know a club, organisation or any person who would find this work useful please past it on.

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