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Technology in Football Marketing

Designing and Building a Database for the benefit of a Football Club

Take your fan base seriously, grow it, fill stadiums, get sponsorship, balance club books.


One of the most important items a football club should have and build effectively is a very good database of your fans. A comprehensive database of your fans is probably next to having a very good coach.

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Technology in Football Marketing

Every Club needs a Fan Database

Database marketing in Football

Each fan is an individual and Clubs should treat themĀ as individuals


How to Maintain Your Football Team’s Fan List – Database.

You will struggle with direct marketing to your real fans if you do not have a database. A database is a list of all your fans and prospective fans and how they have allowed you to communicte with them. Remember that people who are not your fans will never buy your offerings and if they come to the stadium they support the opposition. If they support you it is a calculated move and it is never as a result of your marketing. It is therefore necessary to have your list (database) of your fans and work with on them.

You can segment this list as you wish, but you must have it.

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